16 Guns Live At The Fulham Greyhound 1984

1. Evil Man (76.8 Mb)

2. Sheena (73.1 Mb)

3. You (71.1 Mb)

4. Child Batterer (89.2 Mb)

5.Idol (103.5 MB)

6.C29 (70.5 Mb)

7.James Bond (73.5 MB)

8. Sod The Neighbours (80.5 MB)

9. Psycho (73.6 Mb)

10. Car Crash (84.2 MB)

11. Since I Left You Baby (88.6 MB)

12. Private 999 (63.7 MB)

13. English Civil War (85.6 Mb)

14. Motorhead (114.6 Mb)

These video files are extremely large files and will take a long time to download, even with a fast broadband connection. For smaller files check out the video ipod size files.
The original footage of these clips were recorded on a videotape and have been copied a few times before being digitised so the quality isn't the best. Also sometimes between songs the house lights would go out so there may be no picture for the first few seconds of the clip. If anyone out there has a better copy of this or some other 16 Guns performances on video, and would like to see it on this website then please email me on contacts at mf-enterprizes.com
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Caution !!! Tom Swears a lot in these Video Files