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The recordings of these songs started around October 2009

and continued sporadically until early 2013 when Vince

Mahon (Curfew, Target Zero, Morgellons, Seeds Of 77),

came to MF Enterprizes Studios to provide the vocals on

this project.

After doing rough mixes for the next few weeks I had some

kind of creative block, ran out of motivation and abandoned

the project for many years.


I found new interests and projects to keep me busy,

until April 2020 when I decided to put some finishing

touches to these rough mixes to get these songs out there.

I do plan to eventually do some proper mixes to give these

songs the polish they truly deserve.



Martin : Plays all instruments & sings Backing Vocals.

Vince: Sings Lead Vocals.

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and

Produced by Martin between October 2009 and April


at MF Enterprizes Studios, Harrow, Middlesex, UK.

Intro (New)

Asbestos . (New)
Personal Grievences (New)
We Nearly Ended Up Eating Each Other (New)

Although Heroes (David Bowie cover) was not in the

Circle Of Sin live set, It was covered in one of the

Floppy Big Toes rehearsals. (See Floppy Big Toes Page)

but a complete version was not recorded.

It was always a favourite song of mine and so I

wanted to do my version of it with Vince on Vocals.

The Extended Mix is a bit on the long side but then

please enjoy the shortened version.



Heroes (New)


Heroes (Extended Mix) (New)