Floppy Big Toes
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Floppy Big Toes was a one off drunken jam session at Tracks rehearsal Studios in Acton. It was the first rehearsal studios that Original Sin ever rehearsed in. Floppy Big Toes consisted of Mark and Frot from the worms and Tom and myself (Martin) from Original Sin. I have no idea of the date of this session but it was around 1983. Not all the songs recorded that night appear here as some of them disintegrated into utter noise after a short time as we slowly got more drunk as the night went on. All the songs are cover versions and had never been rehearsed by any of us. The songs that appear here are ones with a beginning and an end, but most of them did not get to the end.

The quality of these recordings are not that good but are here more for their comedy value than musical value.


Wasted Life (Stiff Little Fingers)

Borstal Breakout (Sham 69)

Wild Thing (The Troggs)

Stepping Stone (The Monkees)

Love Me (The Phantom)

Career Opportunities (The Clash)

Get Off My Cloud (The Rolling Stones)

My Generation (The Who)

Harry Roberts (Chaos)

Troops Of Tomorrow (The Vibrators)


Floppy Big Toes were :-

Vocals-Tom (Original Sin, then Circle Of Sin & 16 Guns)

Guitar-Martin (Original Sin, then Circle Of Sin, The Worms & Shadow Of Doubt)

Drums-Frot (The Worms, then Shadow Of Doubt)

Mark-Bass (The Worms, then 16 Guns)