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Shadow of doubt were the band that formed after the worms broke Up. Well, The Worms didn't actually break up as such, more like fizzled out. Many of the songs from the worms stayed in the Shadow Of Doubt setlist as well as new songs that were written by the three core members (Chris, Paul & Martin). Martin continued on guitar, Paul (AKA Frot) remained the drummer and Chris learned to play the Bass as well as being the Singer. We did try to get a permanent singer so Chris could concentrate on the Bass Guitar, but they didn't always work out. We had a femail singer for a while called Sarah who came down from Yate near Bristol every week to rehearse but she eventually left. Also a guy called Phil who was a soft spoken Geordie rehearsed with us and played our only gig at Bumbles Wine Bar in Acton on 29th November 1986.


Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal July 1985

1. Homebrew

2. Superstar

3. Cactus In My Y-Fronts

4. Rockabilly Worm

5. The Sex Life Of Brian

Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal September 1985

6. Homebrew

7. Cambodian Takeaway

8. The Sex Life Of Brian

9. Superstar

10. Rockabilly Worm

11. Cactus In My Y-Fronts

12. Shadow Of Doubt (Instrumental)

Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal October - November 1985

13. Formula

14. Instrumental

15. Shadow Of Doubt Instrumental

16. Law Of The Jungle


Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal 10 March 1986

17. Alistair's Prayer (Instrumental)

18. Skull Beneath The Skin (Instrumental)

19. Untitled Instrumental

20. Law Of The Jungle (Instrumental)

Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal 13 April 1986

21. Home Brew (Vocals Sarah)

22. Skull Beneath The Skin (Vocals Sarah)

23. Cambodian Takeaway (Vocals Sarah)

24. The Sex Life Of Brian (Vocals Sarah)

25. Shadow Of Doubt (Vocals Sarah)

26. Alistair's Prayer (Vocals Sarah)

27. Solitude (Vocals Sarah)

28. No Sex In Acton (Vocals Sarah, Backing Vocals Chris)

29. Instrumental (Where Angels Fear, No Bass Guitar)

30. Instrumental 2 (No Bass Guitar)

Shadow Of Doubt Rehearsal 5 October 1986

31. Where Angels Fear (Vocals Phil)



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